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Award Winning Brand

JMarie Media

The Million Dollar PR Firm

Award Winning Brand International Business Awards 2022

Shout Out Atlanta

Voyage Atlanta Interview

Canvas  Rebel Interview 

Jasmine "JMarie" Sykes​

My name is Jasmine Sykes and I go by the name JMarie. My business came about with my passion for writing and marketing. JMarie Media was founded in 2012, starting my career off as an editor for my magazine, JMarie Magazine. The magazine was created to become a platform for entrepreneurs in the Midwest region to showcase to the world what they had to offer. The goal was that the magazine would eventually expand nationally. That included doing live interviews via social media and Youtube. Well, that business required a lot of time and eventually, I wanted more.

In my hometown, Milwaukee, WI, I felt as if I had reached my capacity. Because the city was so small, there was no room for growth. I graduated from college with a degree in business and decided I had an interest in Public Relations. That is how the birth of JMarie Media came about. Another part of my success goes to the CEO of Duct Tape Entertainment, Big Bank. I was at one of his video shoots with Kandi and I can remember telling him I wanted to be in the industry and he told me to keep working hard and never give up on my dreams. Fast forward to today, I am continuing to expand my own brand, a well-respected publicist representing some of today’s largest corporations and most talented individuals in the industry. JMarie Media currently is the Number 12 Best Black-Owned Business in the West End of Atlanta, GA and Top 10 Best Public Relations Firms via Yelp in Castleberry Area of Atlanta, GA.

Success is measured by the love you give. The amount of positive impressions, energy, and service you leave with people. No dollar amount can measure a successful person or business. If I can leave with you that you are worthy of love, and to find your niche in life and instill your greatness in others with your kindness. Then JMarie Media has gained success with love. The wealth will follow.

Ivan Latimore

"JMarie is the goat,  this lady is the greatest. One of my dearest friends with high quality services for any client I send over to their company".

Chee$e 2X

"My publicists is one of the greatest. I'm glad to work with her". 

Ben Foster Management

"Great services and staff one of the greatest companies to work for." 

The Jazzie Effect

"Let's GOOOOOOOO".....