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JMarie Media|


| What We Do

|  Marketing Solutions and Results| Owned Media | Business Development |

JMarie Media is passionate about servicing businesses, brands and product services with exceptional customer service and integrity. Our business offers effective marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We create marketing campaigns and utilize marketing resources such as brand management, earned social media relations, image consulting, content leadership, and consumer stability and retention.

Our goals are to help clients attract and more leads into customers that generate revenue. It is our great pleasure and gratitude to continue marketing campaigns for businesses to reach their targeted markets and audiences. We have been going above and beyond and sometimes overworked to meet the needs of the community. What sets us aside from other marketing firms is that we take passion in our work. We are honored to be a service to others. The best medicine in life is laughter. Some may forget your name, the way you look, and even your conversations, but they will always remember how you made them feel. We take pride in making you feel your very best.

Earned Media Services

> Earned Media Relations and Coverage

We cover all red carpet events, concerts, album release parties, grand openings and more.

> Speaking Engagements

We have skilled etiquette speaking training for public speaking and interviews.

> Crisis Communications Management

In critical moments such as suits, allegations and other image control damage, we provide immediate consulting services to our clients to turn this negative into a positive. 

Shared Media Services

> Reputation Management

JMarie Media is ready to assist and respond effectively to mediate circumstances. 

> Customer Review Management Platform

We strive for positive vibes, likes, shares and reviews. 

> Social Media Programs

Social media marketing. Keeping your consumers up to date with your brand, service or product. Engaging in communication and socialism.  

Owned Media Services​

> Attract and convert more leads

Creating a visual for your brand that generates revenue. Exercising word of mouth marketing and relationship building to gain new leads and land possible sales. 

> Content Leadership

Vitality, consistency, material and content, our team is trained to increase visibility to our clients.

> Results Driven Blogging

Creating a review board and open discussion for customer satisfaction. And well for the not so satisfied while addressing their concerns for correction. 

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