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Malaysia is a girl who was raised in the Midwest. She wants to escape the drug cartel legacy her father and baby daddy left behind. So, she moved to ATL to pursue her dreams. While in ATL when she was homeless and living in the Four Seasons, she met Que. A well-known dope boy and the brother of famous musician in their town Mikey. They created their own little family. She wants out of the dope game. Will Malaysia start over fresh and follow her profession she desires or remain a queen pin? Will she take over the music industry, drug industry or both?

About the Author

Jasmine "JMarie" Sykes is a mother of four beautiful children, a college graduate and phenomenal entrepreneur. JMarie was born and raised in a small town located in the Midwest area, town Racine, WI and currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she is pursuing her marketing business.

A message of Gratitude

Show gratitude in all things and people in your life. Never take time or energy for granted. If you fall the way I did. It is ok. Get yo ass back up dust off and try again. Just make your second, third or fourth chance at life the best. Find God, or a higher power or whatever you believe in to help guide you thru this thing called life. We don’t meet anyone we cross paths within life on accident. There is an assignment for every single person you connect with on this earth. Make the season and the reason as positive and perfect as possible.

Peace, love, and blessings, with love. -JMarie

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